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Seaco offers a range of flexible leasing options, to help the shipping industry cost effectively manage their existing fleet, whilst supporting supply-chain demand in the short to longer term.

International Leasing

Seaco began leasing containers in the 1960’s and is now one of the world’s leading international container lessors. We offer a spectrum of flexible Operating and Finance leasing options for short- and long-term leasing, including sale and leaseback.

We aim to be a valued business partner to the shipping industry, helping to strategically manage existing fleets and optimize the capacity without costly inventory. Our international representatives can discuss our leasing arrangements and advise on the right leasing option suitable to supply-chain demand.



One of the most important benefits of leasing is flexibility.  Our leasing options enable shippers to add to existing fleets and lease container equipment internationally and hire or off-hire in accordance with temporary surges and seasonal demand.


Leasing can help to relieve the financial investment in buying shipping containers and may be a more tax and cost-efficient alternative for shippers to obtain additional, diverse and/or modern shipping containers for all types of cargo, when and where required worldwide.

Maintenance & Repair

Under an Operational Lease, Seaco is responsible for the repair and maintenance of its fleet. We have a vast international depot network who will carry out all aspects of repair due to ‘wear and tear’.  Seaco can arrange for a replacement container upon off-hire as per the terms of the leasing agreement.

Asset Management

At the end of the container’s lease life, the container is returned to Seaco, who will be responsible for the ongoing management and onward sale of containers.


Master Lease

Master Lease is the most flexible lease option available. A Lessee can pick up available containers from one or more locations Worldwide.  This type of lease term can vary during which containers can be on- and off-hired as needed.  After the agreed minimum lease period, the Lessee can return the containers in several pre-agreed locations.

Short-Term Lease

Short-term is a lease for a certain number of containers to be supplied and for an agreed period of time typically from 6-12 months. This solution may be suitable for specific storage requirements of cargo in containers.

Long-Term Lease

Long-term lease is a contractual agreement based upon a predetermined quantity of containers and for a fixed amount of time, tailored to the requirements of the Lessee. Duration is typically a minimum of five years, but the term can be longer depending on market circumstances and subject to the needs of the customer.

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is a “rent to buy” leasing option. The Finance Lease can be designed upon an agreed daily rental rate, that will also influence the buy-out payment due at the end of the leasing term.  The Lessee becomes the owner of the containers upon expiry of the contract, provided all payment obligations have been fulfilled. The containers provided can be Seaco’s own containers, or bespoke containers i.e. containers built to the specifications required by the customer.

One-Way Lease

This is the most suitable option for shipping lines and/or freight forwarders when shipment speed is critical, and a container is required for a one-way trip. Seaco has access to a vast global depot network, and we can help arrange the ability to lease a container from one location to another, whilst helping to keep costs to a minimum and optimize operations.

Sale & Leaseback

This arrangement is suitable for Lessee’s needing to generate immediate cash. Seaco can purchase an existing container fleet from the owner-user and then lease the containers back on a short-to or longer-term agreement. This helps provides capital to the owning company, and benefit Seaco’s services in operating container fleets.

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Seaco has the expertise and infrastructure to manage third party container fleets under an asset management agreement.

For further enquiries, please contact your regional lease representative or email


DPP is an additional insurance available under certain agreements, to help protect the lessee from charges against specific damage, cleaning, and repair at off-hire. DPP enables the lessee to pay an agreed amount, either daily or in a lumpsum.


  • Leading Lessor: Established in the 1960s, Seaco has over five decades of leading change and influencing the container leasing industry.
  • Brand Reputation: Seaco has built a reputation for knowledge, manufacturing quality and innovation.
  • Modern & Diverse Fleet: One of the world’s leading container lessors with a diversified container fleet of approximately 2.4+ million TEU, suitable for almost every cargo type.
  • Flexible Leasing or Sale:  Seaco has access to a diverse fleet of equipment for leasing or sale, currently servicing over 750 customers across the world.
  • Global Expertise & Local Knowledge:  Seaco has a network of 220+ qualified and experienced representatives providing unparalleled customer service and technical support across 23 sales & support offices in Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.
  • Extensive Depot Network: Seaco is further supported by an independent depot network of 370+ across 189 ports and 50 countries.
  • Technical Innovation: Over 50 years of working closely with leading manufacturers, pioneering technical innovation, and supplying equipment based upon customer-led designs.